Privacy & Security
 does not surreptitiously collect, and/or maintain, data about its visitors.

      We do not track usage by IP address or through the use of cookies. Browser requests, however, are logged; time, IP address, page requested. This gives us global use statistics. We collect minimal information from our clients in order to provide services. This information is for our own use and will never be sold.

      Your email address is not captured for future use. We are not generating customer lists nor selling addresses to anyone else.

     We do not use java script on our pages. Java script allows viruses, malware and every other threat but the common cold.


      We do not attempt to persuade you to join a mailing list. Instead, we ask you to bookmark our pages so that we'll always be easy for you to find. And a link back to us on your website would be sincerely appreciated.


      We do not use sales pitches or hype of any kind. Our descriptions are as truthful as we can make them.

      All our PDFs and articles are safe to download and have nothing harmful or malicious in them.
 update: 7-10-2015