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From: jhwhite jhwhite @blarg.net       (USER)
To: terry white twhite @aniota.com     (guess)

 USER: Looking at a windows login about twice the normal size.
       "This is wrong."

ADMIN: "What are you doing?"

 USER: "My system locked up and I've rebooted twice and this came 
        up both times."

ADMIN: "Let me in there. What's your screen resolution?"

       Shortly the screen was back to normal but the icons were
       clustered in the top left corner.

ADMIN: "You'll have to rearrange the icons."

 USER: "Why would I want to do that?"

ADMIN: (in amazement) 
       "Well, they 'were' arranged, and now they're random, so I'm
        going with efficiency."

 USER: "You don't need to get sarcastic about it. That wasn't what
        I needed to know."

ADMIN: "What was it you needed to know?"

USER:  "Should I uninstall the programs I just installed?"

ADMIN: "I don't know. How would I know that?"

 USER: "You answered the question I asked you. Exactly! That's
        "Maybe..... that wasn't what I wanted to ask either."

ADMIN: "What was it you wanted to ask?"

 USER: "I don't care about icons. Icons are the last thing on
        my mind. I have a SYSTEM problem."

ADMIN: "Oh."
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